Your Guide To Navigating Wedding Photography & Some Helpful Tips

        Welcome new clients! This page contains helpful information about our process working together, as well as details about the various services and products offered.

        As always, please feel free to contact me at any time if there's anything on which you'd like my input, or if you'd like to add services and products to your wedding collection.


        When are payments due?
        The payment schedule is located on the first page of your contract. Payments are broken into three: the first being the deposit. The remaining payments are split in half, with fifty percent of the remainder being due 90 days before your wedding, and the final fifty percent being due by your wedding day. Any applicable sales tax is collected with the final/third payment. Checks and Venmo (@Lisa-Rigby-3) are accepted.
        When do we have our photo planning?
        We usually have our photo planning discussion one to three months before your wedding. However, we can have this meeting whenever you have a good idea of your wedding day schedule. I will reach out to contact you about scheduling this talk, but please feel free to contact me if you'd like to schedule something sooner. We usually schedule these talks by phone, and in some cases we are able to meet in person at my shared workspace in Boston.
        Are there any special shot lists we should provide?
        Based on our photo planning discussion, I will create a detailed photo itinerary for your wedding day. However the only shot list that we will create is the family groupings/formals list, and I will help you do that. I prefer to create this list for you, after I have an understanding of your family relationships. You are able to edit the list. If you are working with a planner or coordinator who has provided you with a schedule, please feel free to forward that to me.
        My venue is asking for a certificate of insurance? Is this something you provide?
        Yes I always keep up to date business insurance and am happy to provide your venue with my certificate. Some venues will ask that they are named on the insurance, and I am happy to do that.

        Additional Photography Services

        You are able to add photography services such as additional hours of coverage, engagement sessions, and (when available) rehearsal/welcome dinner coverage.


        Engagement sessions are a great way to work together before your wedding. While I don’t feel that I need to “practice” on my clients, I find that it’s confidence building for people to see themselves in professional photographs.

        We photograph engagement sessions within 50 miles of Boston or Providence. Your contract may have different terms (e.g. to photograph in New York City). If you are interested in photographing outside of the 50 miles from Boston/Providence range, just ask and we can talk. 

        You can add an engagement portrait session at any time, even if it is not in your contract. We generally book engagement sessions 3-12 weeks out. From May – October, we photograph these sessions Monday – Friday. From November – April, my weekend schedule opens up from photographing weddings and I’m also available to photograph on many weekends as well. Because lighting is “everything” in portraits, it’s best to schedule sessions to start around 90 minutes before sunset. 

        Some helpful tips for engagement sessions…. 

        You are welcome to bring a pet to our photo session. In fact, I love it! If you do bring a pet, consider having them there for just a portion of the time. Some people will bring a friend who can pick up or drop off a dog. If the dog is going to be there through the whole session, bring a friend who can handle their leash so that they’re not in every photo — it’s nice to have some photos with just the two of you.

        Do not bring any bags, coats, large wallets, or change of clothes unless you have a convenient place to store them. Most of the photos we take are unposed and just the two of you walking around, and you don’t want to be carrying coats and shopping bags in the photos. I can put a small item such as car keys, a small wallet, or phone in my camera bag.


        These photographs are candid, casual, and relaxed. While people usually put a lot of planning and work into the wedding day, there’s often a lot of planning and design work that goes into rehearsal dinners. It’s nice to have a record of such a casual event, and the photos are pure fun! 

        You may add rehearsal dinner coverage at any time. Rehearsal dinners are covered by myself or by an associate, depending upon availability. 

        Rehearsal dinner coverage is available for $1,200/2 hours.