Katie & Vivek: Vivek and I want to say thank you for capturing the most stunning photos throughout our wedding weekend. After it’s all over the photos are what we have remaining to bring us back to our magical wedding, and every time we look at them we are brought right back! I was laughing and crying as I looked through each one. You (and your team) are a pleasure to work with, and so incredibly talented! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Indian Wedding with Elephant

Katie & Vivek – Castle Hill Inn, Newport, RI. July 2016.

Loe & Peter: Holy cow. Lisa Rigby is an incredibly talented human being. Her photos are like great novels in that they’re comprised of really beautiful, intimate moments that you’d miss if she wasn’t there to document them.

I hired Lisa for my wedding party after spending 3 or 4 hours online searching for a portfolio that resonated with me. I was picky because I’m a designer and an artist. I wanted a photographer who had great chops but also a great sensibility. Lisa has plenty of both and brings a really unique, creative perspective-leveraging light to create cool compositions and to add extra drama. On top of that, she’s a really nice person who’s organized, easy to work with, and invisible when it comes time to document an event. I’m guessing that’s why her photos are so wonderful (people are just being themselves).

Thank you Lisa for doing such an amazing job at our party. I feel so lucky to have that memory documented through your art!

Ashley & Will: As soon as my now-husband and I got engaged, I knew that one of the most important things to me would be the photographs from our wedding day, and I spent a lot of time researching photographers and reviewing portfolios. As soon as I saw Lisa Rigby’s photos, though, I knew I had found the perfect match for us. Lisa’s photos have this soft, romantic quality to them and really reflect the story of a couple’s relationship and marriage, and she has that special knack of always seeming to capture the right moment. She did an engagement shoot for us, and when we saw the pictures from that session, we could not wait to see how she would document our wedding. And we were not disappointed! The photos from our wedding day were absolutely stunning, and we could not have been happier with how they turned out. Lisa herself is delightful, funny, accommodating, and very responsive, and she was a real pleasure to work with and made us feel at ease even with cameras in our face! So happy we got to work with Lisa, she is truly an artist!

Boston Public Library Wedding

Ashley & Will, Boston Public Library Wedding, February 2015

Lauren & Justin: Two words: absolutely phenomenal. Lisa was my dream photographer. I knew about her well before I got engaged and literally the day after that happened, I called to see if she was free (that was 13 months before our wedding). The first vendor I contacted.

She was a breeze to work with, but what was more important to me was the photos. Her style is beautiful. Capturing the raw, heartfelt of family members was the best gift she could give. You can never get that day back, you can never get those emotions back, so to me, that was priceless. She’s also sweet, spunky, and very natural around people. My parents also adored her and raved nonstop about the pictures. I would use her 100 times if I could.

Caroline & Kuan Ju: “Perfect.” For us, there is really no other way to describe our experience working with Lisa. From the beginning she was in tune with our hopes and wishes. The finalized photos were just superb, far better than we had hoped for, and we had interviewed many photographers and looked at innumerable portfolios. Like the shoot itself, the whole portfolio just felt lovingly created, as if Lisa had been a member of our own family. I remember receiving the pictures first in the form of an online slideshow and watching the show over and over again, as if I were reliving that happy day. …Simply put: we could not have been happier with our choice. She was perfect. Thanks Lisa!

Margaret & Grayson:  What a special gift you’ve given us! I feel lucky-beyond-lottery-winner-lucky to have a photographer as talented as you to capture one of the most important and cherished days of my life. The light, the emotions, the memories — it’s all there and it’s so beautiful and twinkling in the way that special warm-and fuzzy-memory way. I can’t thank you enough.

Lyman Estate Wedding

Margaret & Grayson, Lyman Estate Wedding, July 2013

Gaby & Spencer: These are absolutely amazing! I’ve been singing your praises to everyone. Spencer and I are so grateful to have worked with you, our wedding photos are sure to become family heirlooms. You have an incredible ability to capture emotion, I knew when I stumbled across your website we absolutely had to have you as our wedding photographer. The photos allow us to experience our wedding day all over again, and for that, we cannot thank you enough. You are the best of the best.

Laura & Jef: Lisa is the bees knees! Sweet, smart, and super easy to work with – Lisa is also a mega-talented photographer! With grace and skill, Lisa captured the most beautiful moments from our winter wedding at St. Cecilia church & The Four Seasons. We were especially impressed by her ability to seamlessly and quickly capture our family portraits {leaving us with more time to enjoy our guests & cocktail hour} ;). We feel lucky to have found her in time for our wedding, and excited to have a friend for life. Lisa has our absolute and wholehearted endorsement; We couldn’t be happier.

Joyce & Jesse: We love Lisa — both her beautiful photos and just working with her, period! She’s totally professional — organized, responsible and detail-oriented — and still fun, friendly, and easy to get along with. From my first phone call with her, I felt very confident that she would capture the feel and look of our wedding perfectly. She really respected my vision and synthesized it with her own artistic expertise, totally exceeding every expectation I had.

Breanna & Steve: We love them! They are everything we could have ever hoped for and more. We sent a few people the six photos you emailed me right after the wedding and our friends and family were in awe. Thank you so very much for being every where to capture all those amazing pictures! We really are so happy you had our wedding weekend available! And yes, we know for sure that we can relive our wedding day through these photos. It is exactly what we wanted.

MIT Chapel Wedding

Lindsay & Joe, MIT Chapel, June 2012

Lindsay & Joe:  I booked three things at once, because I simply could not have a wedding day without all of them together: The chapel, the reception venue, and Lisa. If Lisa hadn’t been available on the day we chose, we’d have changed the other two things to fit her schedule. That is how talented she is. Aside from our wonderful officiant, she was the only person we hired for our wedding day who did her job 100% perfectly. She was on time, she kept us on schedule, she was easy to work with, she has a great sense of humor and put up with a few of our ‘sillier’ guests with laughter and a smile, she was always at the right place at the right time, and SHE TOOK MAGICAL, AMAZING, FABULOUS WEDDING DAY PICTURES.

These pictures are a very beautifully truthful, graceful and mostly candid documentation of the events of the entire day- of the day as seen from this bride’s point of view, as seen from my new husband’s point of view, and as seen through the eyes of our guests. She captured hugs with elderly loved ones – hugs which I might not have remembered giving because I was so tired and hugged so many people that day.

Across the board, Lisa’s photography was hands down the best money that was spent on our wedding day. If I could go back in time, I’d duplicate her three times and hire her for longer. She is an incredible, natural talent and has a great spirit. Happy tears start forming every time I look at these photos! I recommend hiring her before she gets too famous and thus too booked. Lisa, thank you. Immensely.

Becca & Bryant: Lisa Rigby was an incredible to work with and I am so pleased with the photos she took of our wedding at Moraine Farm. She especially takes beautiful landscape shots and captures little moments from the event that make it come back to life when you look back at them. We got a preview of our photos ~3 weeks after the wedding, and the full gallery soon after. She was very laid back and easy to work with throughout the entire process– I cannot recommend her more highly!

Moraine Farm Wedding

Becca & Bryant, Moraine Farm, June 2015

Gabrielle & Tom: We cannot thank you enough for documenting our wedding through such artistic and meaningful photographs. Your work truly captures the emotions and love we felt on that very special day. It was such a pleasure to work with you throughout the entire process. Your organization, professionalism, and experience made everything run smoothly and we felt completely confident that we were in good hands. You delivered everything we hoped for and more – the photos are simply stunning! They encapsulate our joy and will be cherished for many years to come. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Tamara & Bill: Lisa! The pictures are absolutely gorgeous – we are all reliving the day! Thank you, thank you! You have far exceeded any expectations, we are so pleased. Did I say THANK YOU?!!

Emily & Andrew: My husband and I worked with Lisa for both our engagement photos and wedding. I can not say enough wonderful things about her. She has such an amazing ability to capture moments, feelings, moods, atmosphere, environments etc with her camera and make them look beautiful. In addition, she is professional, fun, positive, and great to work with. We are so happy with the end result and consider working with Lisa one of the best “wedding” decisions we made. She will definitely be my go-to photographer for capturing all the memories my husband and I will make in the future.

Erica & Mike: Next to the uplighting, Lisa was hands down, the best money we spent. She was at the top of my list for photographers, and thankfully had our date open. She was a little out of our initial budget (we had one for all of 10 minutes…) but we thought she’d be worth it. We were SO right. Lisa had preview images for us before we even left on our honeymoon. And they blew us away. Stunning us speechless. We fell in love with our wedding all over again. She is incredibly gifted, and I am so grateful that I had her to capture our day. I’m not an easy person – but Lisa handled me exceptionally well. She got me, she got what we wanted. If you call Lisa, and she has your date open, don’t hesitate – book her while she’s still available!

South Dartmouth Wedding

Samantha & Enrique – Backyard Wedding, South Dartmouth, MA. September 2016.

Samantha & Enrique: Lisa was just fabulous. Her personality is sweet and relaxed and her pictures captured the wedding perfectly. She really understood the vision of the wedding and captured so much joy. I cannot tell you how many people said that every picture was just so happy and should be in a magazine. She was a pleasure to work with and for that reason and because she captures color so well (we got married in a colorful garden so that was important to me!) I picked her and I am sooooo happy I did! She did a beautiful job, and with heart and kindness too.

Maria & Sendil: Working with Lisa for our wedding photography was a wonderful experience. Most importantly, the photos are amazing. From the formal portraits (where everyone looks relaxed and natural), to the documentation of our ceremony, to the candids throughout the evening – the composition and use of light are phenomenal. Lisa also has a great eye – she captured so many delightful little ‘moments’ throughout the day. You and your family will love your photos.

You will also enjoy working with Lisa. She’s professional, organized, and a great relaxed presence on the day. She somehow captures everything, but is never obtrusive or distracting. My husband and I had great luck with wedding vendors, but hands down, hiring Lisa Rigby was the best decision we made for the wedding.

Gaby & Spencer, back yard wedding, Carlisle, MA, August 2013

Gaby & Spencer, back yard wedding, Carlisle, MA, August 2013

Maggie & Aaron: We loved working with Lisa for our wedding in October. She is incredible and the quality of the work was awesome. We found her website through The Knot early on, and knew right away that we wanted her for our wedding. We got exactly what we wanted–the best wedding pictures ever! We loved working with her!

Katie & Ian: Lisa is an incredible photographer. Our Boston Wedding was captured so artistically in photos because Lisa is a creative genius. Despite rain, mist and wind, Lisa found beautiful places for photos and they are beautiful. Her engagement photos in the garden were also beautifully done. Lisa is worth every penny and then some. We are so thankful that she was available for our wedding.

Sarah & Tom: It is difficult to find the words to do Lisa justice. Not only is she is amazingly talented, she is reliable, understanding, and committed to photographing exactly the way you have dreamed of. Lisa gets 5 stars in every area and is an absolutely pleasure to work with!

Amanda & Joe: We got our photos in the mail and they are gorgeous and amazing beyond our wildest dreams.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Looking at them was like reliving that day all over again, and it brings back all the feelings and excitement of the moments you captured.  That’s totally what they are  – so much more than just pictures, but captured moments.  …That day went by so amazingly fast, and I feel so lucky that we have your photos to look back at and relive those moments over and over again (and even moments and details we never saw that day!).  What you can do is truly a gift, and Joe and I thank you so much for sharing that gift with us.

Caitlin & Dean: Lisa, your work is absolutely phenomenal. I think another vendor said it best when she said you are a true artist. Looking at the pictures, I feel the wedding day emotions all over again and there are moments captured that I didn’t see and/or didn’t realize you were there! I am truly BLOWN AWAY at the awesomeness (is that a word?!) of your work. We are truly going to treasure these for a lifetime and beyond. Thank you so, so incredibly much.

Cassie & Tom: Hiring Lisa to photograph our wedding was one of the best decisions we made. From the first time I saw her work, I knew she’d do a wonderful job documenting our day. From the first time we spoke, Lisa was professional, friendly and attentive. We met with her several times before the wedding, both so we could get to know each other and so she could get a feeling for what we envisioned on the wedding day.

Before the event, we received a detailed schedule of how Lisa’s time would be spent photographing along with specific notes of what photos we wanted. Lisa was extremely thoughtful and organized in making sure she was prepared to provide us with exactly what we wanted. On the big day, Lisa was amazing. Providing direction when the staged photos called for it and otherwise doing a great job of staying in the background while capturing wonderful moments.

When we got our photos back from Lisa we were thrilled. They’re a wonderful perspective on our day and as the bride, it’s great to see things caught on film that you didn’t see on the day.  Finally, the thing that perhaps impressed me the most with Lisa’s work, beyond her amazing talent, is the professional and efficient way she provides access to her work. When the photos were ready we received notice that we could view them online, as well as in a slideshow she created and in her blog post. This made sharing the images with family and friends so easy. A few days later we received a customized DVD (complete with a beautiful jewel case and DVD label) that had our web and print images on it for our use. It’s wonderful to have access to all our photos in an easy to use manner. Ultimately- Lisa Rigby was a perfect choice for us. A wonderful person, exceptional photographer and true professional. Book her if you can!!

Courtney & Adam: Thank you for doing such an incredible job capturing our wedding day. You caught so many amazing moments. We almost can’t believe it’s our wedding in those pictures! Not only are we left with so many beautiful memories, but you helped make the day so seamless and stress free. You managed to make everyone involved happy and with stunning results. We will cherish these images for years to come!

Elizabeth & Jason: Thank you so much, Lisa!  Do you ever get sick of people telling you how talented you are and how they feel like they have the best wedding photos in all the land?  You must.  I could gush for many, many paragraphs, but I’ll keep it brief and just say that Jason and I are beyond thrilled.

Angie & Brian: Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for capturing all of our special moments – from our snowy engagement to our post-storm wedding. We love all of the photos and can’t stop looking at them! Even after looking at them 10 times, we still see something new. Your art is the gift that keeps on giving. We will cherish these photos for years to come.

Talia & Chris: When my then-fiance and I were searching for photographers for our summer wedding in Boston, we had to do it from Australia and were limited at first to searching through dozens and dozens of websites (seriously, at least 50!). When we came across Lisa’s blog, we thought there might be something special there….

We knew we wanted two things: (1) beautifully colored and captured images that were emotional as well as elegant and natural and (2) a photographer with a great personality who we could enjoy being around. After meeting with a few photographers, we walked out of our first meeting with Lisa and knew we had found the perfect combination of both!

Not only was Lisa easy to work with and incredibly prompt in responding to emails and inquiries, she was a lovely person to just chat with and we really felt like she wanted to get to know our story before photographing our big day. We were really looking forward to enjoying her company, but on the wedding day we hardly even knew she was there! She was a fly on the wall who managed to catch amazing, emotional, natural, and fluid images without ever being intrusive in any way. I only remember spotting her a couple of times during the night, yet she was always there for every big moment and captured the most gorgeous images.

I highly recommend Lisa Rigby wholeheartedly to anyone looking for wedding photography. She is a professional, efficient, and lovely person, with an incredible photographic eye and talent that is absolutely incomparable.

Juliane & Bart: Bart and I would like to thank you so much for being our wedding photographer. You have been fun and friendly from the start and your personable and professional style made each part of the wedding planning and actual day less stressful. On top of that, we LOVE our engagement and wedding photos! We feel that you were able to listen to us and capture who we really are. We’ve had endless compliments on all of our pictures. We can’t imagine having had anyone else capture such important memories for us. We will cherish our photos for the rest of our lives!

Catherine & Ian: We searched long and hard for a photographer that would fit the type of photography style we wanted and seriously struggled to find anyone we liked. I started to lose hope but stumbled upon Lisa through wedding wire. Thank goodness!!

What sealed the deal for us was speaking with Lisa over the phone, reading her blog and reviewing her website. Once you’ve done your research, you will quickly realize how passionate she is about her work. Her passion and dedication to her job truly shines through in all of her work.

Lisa not only met our expectations but surpassed them. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a photographer. She will capture moments of your day that you did not even know existed.

Heather & Steve: The pictures are amazing.  We cannot thank you enough for the memories you’ve created for us.  Having great pictures was one of the most important things to us for our wedding and your work is even better than great (which we were aware of when we booked you)!  You are truly excellent at what you do.

Sarah & Jacob: I wanted to sincerely thank you for all your hard work. Your photography is mesmerizing! I’ve had many friends who are engaged inquire about your services. I simply tell them that if they want the best then they must work with you. You have such a gift. Thank you for such lovely, meticulous, and artful memories of our wedding!

Laura & Craig: My husband and I affectionately refer to Lisa as “spider-woman.” She did an incredible job of capturing our wedding from every angle imaginable, virtually undetected. We both love Lisa’s contemporary, photo-journalistic approach. Upon meeting Lisa, we immediately had great feelings about her and were very confident in our decision to select her to shoot our wedding. She is not only a talented and motivated photographer, but she is warm, personable, and professional. It’s immediately obvious that she’s passionate about photographing weddings. Lisa thoroughly prepares for a wedding – scouting out spots for formal photographs or interesting vantage points during a ceremony, as well as becoming familiar with key family members and friends. Lisa struck the perfect balance of blending-in among the guests, but also being assertive when she needed to get those important shots. She worked tirelessly and she didn’t miss anything! We received over 450 amazing photos from Lisa and they tell the story of our wedding day beautifully. If we had to plan our wedding all over again (which fortunately we don’t), we would hire Lisa again in a heartbeat.

Brandi & Vipul: THANK YOU so much for these. They’re gorgeous. Vipul and I just relived the day going through these together. I have to say that I really think one of the best decisions we made was choosing you as our photographer–you just captured the essence of every moment of that day.

Erin & Alex: We are absolutely in love. …Thank you so much for everything. We are so excited. We love the pictures. You are a wonderful photographer and it was SO great working with you!

Madigan & Ethan: Lisa Rigby’s photography elicits feelings from our wedding that I don’t ever want to forget. Never cheesy, she captured the real us. I am camera shy, and I never felt bashful in her presence. My husband liked her straight away and didn’t hide in the pictures. …If I had a million dollars to spend on photography, I’d hire Lisa again, no question.

Cathie & Kevin: You only have one chance to capture this special day, so if Lisa has your date available, do not hesitate to book her! It’s incredible how she can capture so much emotion in every one of her photos. She was actually the ONLY photographer we interviewed with! After seeing her portfolio and meeting with her, we knew immediately that she would be the one. Each photo tells a story, and when I see them all together, it’s almost as if I’m reliving that day over and over again. She truly brought out the beauty I felt inside that day. Lisa is an unbelievably talented, professional, and easy going person, it was an amazing experience working with her. Thank you so much, from the bottom of our hearts!

Lynette & Conor: Lisa, I just wanted to thank you for being our wedding photographer. I was unconcerned about that entire aspect of our wedding from the moment we met at our first meeting! You were fun and easy to work with and the photos speak for themselves. They are so beautiful and we will be able to re-live that day forever.

Jen & Cory: Lisa is professional and engaging. She was great at listening to our suggestions for locations/poses etc., and also creative in coming up with her own. The end result was a terrific set of pictures that not only showed our personalities, but also artfully reflected Lisa’s own eye and unique style. We couldnt have been happier with our engagement photos, and can’t wait for the wedding.

Abby & Ger: Choosing our photographer is one of the biggest decisions we made when making wedding plans. …Our search started with photographers from Ireland but we quickly got discouraged. It suddenly occurred to us to look for someone local in Boston and try to convince them to travel to Ireland with us for the wedding. I couldn’t be more excited to have one of the best photographers in Boston actually say yes! Lisa Rigby was absolutely phenomenal. She arrived in Ireland on Wednesday and was there to shoot the whole weekend affair. At the end, it was as if she was really part of the family. It made the experience that much more special.

Brooke & Richard: You have outdone yourself, again!  The photos are…Perfect!! …We will keep these memories with us forever. We talk about our wedding day over and over.  When we lose memory of those small details we will continuously be reminded through your glorious work! Brava, Lisa!

Karey & Julie: Well, I really don’t know what to say or where to begin. These photos brought me right back to our incredible day with family and friends had me in tears all over again. I really love every one of the photos on the site, and I can’t wait to share the full gallery with everyone. We will always hold these images dear. Thank you for everything!

Sarah & Oren: Hiring Lisa was one of the best decisions we made! She is incredibly talented, professional and made everyone feel very comfortable. Her pics show a natural eye for composition, but on top of that, Lisa does wonderful, smart editing. We had the best time being photographed and literally cannot stop looking at our wedding photos. We are really happy and can’t recommend Lisa highly enough.

Brian & Eric: FANTASTIC. …To put it simply, Lisa is an incredibly gifted photographer who knows how to direct her subjects without making them feel self conscious.  I strongly recommend that if you are having your wedding in the Boston area, that you book her fast.

Sam & Lars: We could not have done better than to hire Lisa to photograph our wedding. Not only is she very friendly and super easy to work with, but she takes beautiful photos! We knew we didn’t want typical, traditional wedding photos, so when we looked at Lisa’s work, we loved it right away. It is natural, evocative and so clearly very different than other wedding photographers’ work. Her photos of our wedding are warm, candid, and truly captured the emotions of the day.