Provincetown Engagement Session

January 23, 2015

I photographed Carrie & John’s engagement session and wedding in my favorite Cape town: Provincetown, a.k.a “P-Town.” Keep driving down the arm of the Cape until you can’t drive any more, and you come upon this tiny oceanfront town where the Pilgrims first landed (before they landed on Plymouth Rock). I used to go there on vacation as a kid and have so many fun memories. To me, it is the most creative, fun, friendly, and beautiful town on the Cape. There are so many cool things  — from the iconic artists and writers who’ve lived there, to the fact that it’s the only place on the Eastern seaboard where you can see the sun both rise and set on the water. Provincetown is only 3 miles from end-to-end, and we had fun walking and photographing around the quiet West end.