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Backyard Wedding 2020: Jennifer & Welles

September 3, 2020


Jennifer and Welles had a backyard wedding in Weston, Massachusetts. Like so many 2020 couples, their wedding plans took an unexpected turn because of the COVID19 pandemic. When they originally booked me for their Boston Public Library wedding, little did we know that we would soon be in the middle of a history-making moment in time.

A Backyard Wedding In Massachusetts

By spring, we knew that they wouldn’t be having the large Boston Public Library wedding that they’d planned. We talked about the possibility of photographing a small ceremony in Boston’s Public Gardens and preserving their original wedding date. In the end, Jennifer and Welles ended up like so many other people in 2020: at home. They were lucky that Welles’ parents were able to have them use their beautiful backyard. With a small Sperry Tent, the “Cod Squad” food truck, 10 guests (parents & siblings), and Zooming with friends for the ceremony, their wedding had all the essential elements for a joyous and memory-filled day.

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