About Lisa

I never thought that I’d be a wedding photographer, but as far back as I can remember I wanted to be an artist. I grew up in Fall River and graduated from U Mass Dartmouth with a BFA in Printmaking. I went on to study Art History at Brown. But I couldn’t figure out how to make those fields work as a job. So I went back to school for something more utilitarian: a master’s degree in Professional Writing and spent over a decade working in communications. I had a good career, but my heart wasn’t in it. I could never figure out how the pieces of my life — my passions, my skills, and my work — fit together.

After not making art for years, I picked up a camera again. Pretty soon, photography was all I could think about.

Today, I am a full-time wedding photographer and have photographed over 250 weddings. I was honored to be named by Boston Magazine as Boston’s Best Wedding Photographer in their “Best Of Boston” 40th anniversary issue. Rangefinder Magazine honored me as one of the world’s “30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography.”