Langham Hotel Wedding Boston

            Marlena & Ryan’s Langham Hotel Wedding

            Marlena and Ryan live in Chicago and recently had a Langham Hotel wedding in Boston. Meeting as teenagers in a driver’s ed class, Marlena and Ryan briefly dated. But as teenage connections often go, they went their separate ways — only to reconnect years later. If you want to read more about Marlena and Ryan’s wedding story, they’re featured in the “Vows” section of the New York Times. You can read their feature here.

            Langham Hotel Wedding
            Marlena & Ryan’s Langham Hotel wedding in Boston.

            Langham Hotel Wedding

            We allowed plenty of time for portraits in their wedding day schedule. After their first look at the Langham, we photographed portraits at the Boston Public Garden and the park in Post Office Square. Their dog Micky even joined us for a few portraits!

            These photos are just a few highlights from Marlena and Ryan’s wedding day at the Langham Hotel.

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            November 21, 2016

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            So much joy in these photos they are beautiful. Beautifully documented.