Emma & Brian’s Chatham Bars Inn Wedding

November 15, 2016

Emma and Brian’s wedding ceremony took place at the Holy Redeemer Church in Chatham — just steps from the Chatham Bars Inn. They celebrated their wedding reception at the Inn. I’ve photographed several weddings at the Chatham Bars Inn, but this one was different for me since it was the first tented wedding I’ve photographed at that venue. Their gorgeous connecting tents were provided by the one and only Sperry Tents.

Emma and Brian live in New York City. They had their wedding on the Cape because Emma’s family have a longstanding and multi-generational connection with Cape Cod and Chatham. We stopped at her family’s home to take some portraits by their boathouse and on the water.

Chatham Bars Inn Wedding
Emma and Brian’s Chatham Bars Inn wedding.

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[…] at the Holy Redeemer Church, which is right next to the Inn. We had been there photographing a Chatham Bars Inn wedding two weeks before! After their ceremony we all hopped on a trolley to Wychmere Beach Club in Harwich […]

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