Katie & Vivek’s Castle Hill Inn Wedding

September 13, 2016

Katie and Vivek’s Castle Hill Inn wedding was their second wedding in one weekend. You may have seen some of their Indian wedding, which took place the day before this one and featured colorful saris, a beach setting, and even an elephant! While their first wedding reflected Vivek’s family’s traditions, Saturday’s wedding was a western style wedding, complete with a white gown and tux.

Castle Hill Inn wedding
Katie and Vivek’s Castle Hill Inn wedding in Newport, Rhode Island.

Castle Hill Inn Wedding

Traveling from their home in New York City, Katie and Vivek were joined by friends and family from around the world. Newport coastal setting served as a perfect destination wedding location, complete with its ocean backdrop, cliffs, and a lighthouse.

Katie and Vivek’s newport wedding weekend was coordinated by Corinne Hursh. The breathtaking floral designs were created by Stoneblossom.

Update: Katie and Vivek’s weddings were featured in the 2016 Fall issue of Boston Weddings Magazine.

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[…] as the Langham Hotel, Mount Hope Farm, the Lyman Estate, Artists For Humanity, Glen Magna Farms, Castle Hill in Newport, and the Four Seasons Boston. There were also some venues that were new to me: Wychmere,the West […]

Great stuff as always Lisa. I love that Arbor!

Just stunning! Such a pleasure to be a part of it!

Such a gorgeous, vibrant celebration! Beautiful images, Lisa!

So beautiful… Joyce, the flowers are AMAZING

Two Newport weddings in one weekend? You should have crashed at my place in between!

But, seriously, feel free if you are ever working a long stint down here. The guest room has a comforting layer of cat hair–you’ll feel right at home!

Of course we would have gabbed, not slept! 😉

Great images, love ❤️❤️❤️ Lisa Rigby

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