The Lyman Estate

April 21, 2016

The Lyman Estate is one of my favorite wedding venues at which to photograph. Located in Waltham, the estate dates back to 1793 and was a private family home for over 150 years. Today, the estate is owned by Historic New England, which is nonprofit. I first photographed at the Lyman Estate in 2012 and have returned a few times since. This year I’ll return to the estate to photograph another summer wedding.

Rolling Lawns, Gardens, & Greenhouse

One of the best photography aspects of the Lyman Estate is that it’s surrounded by a rolling lawn and gardens. The greenhouse is a focal point and makes a wonderful backdrop for portraits. I like walking around the estate with couples and photographing casual portraits in the gravel paths, lawn, in front of the peach brick wall, and in front of and inside the greenhouse.

Wedding Portraits At The Lyman Estate

I know that people sometimes wonder how we get casual and authentic portraits, and I’ll say that the reason is that there is very little posing involved. When people are experiencing their wedding, they’re often in a place of so much emotion, joy, and connection. All I do is walk with them in a beautiful surrounding and let them be together. I do give some suggestions for location and even small items like angles, posture, or placing of their hands. But what you see in the portraits below is mostly just the couples being themselves, on their wedding day, with the backdrop of the Lyman Estate.

Lyman’s Beauty Inside & Out

Inside the mansion, it seems that everywhere you turn there’s an opportunity for beautiful photography. The Federal style architecture frames subjects well, and the period furniture and decor all blend together seamlessly. Interior photography at the Estate benefits from all of the natural light streaming through the mansion’s many windows.

Below are a variety of images that show weddings I’ve photographed at the Lyman Estate. I’ve included an interior ballroom reception, a tented reception, morning, afternoon, and evening images.

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