2015: A Year In Weddings

December 28, 2015

Seven years ago when I started photographing professionally, I decided to focus on weddings. I made the decision for selfish reasons — there’s great personal reward for photographers who capture and deliver wedding photographs. The image making involves working with people on a very personal level, and unlike work that’s hung in a gallery and sold to strangers, the delivery of photographs is often met with joyful tears and a great sense of worth and appreciation. I guess it’s easy to become bored or jaded by our professional lives, but after seven years and over 200 weddings, the joy and reward I get from my work only continues to grow.

Wedding Venues In Boston & Beyond

In 2015 we revisited old favorite venues where I had previously photographed such as the Boston Public Library, the Taj Hotel, Artists For Humanity, the MIT Chapel, the State Room, Belle Mer Newport, the Lenox Hotel, Moraine Farm, Willowdale Estate, the Pierce House, Fruitlands Museum, the Fairmont Copley Hotel, the Lyman Estate, Jones River Trading, Chatham Bars Inn, and the Four Seasons Hotel in Boston. We also photographed at venues which were new to me such as the Wianno Club, Falmouth Museums On The Green, the Barn At Gibbet Hill, the Red Inn Provincetown, the Liberty Hotel, the Hellenic Center, Hartmann’s Herb Farm, and Rosecliff Mansion in Newport.

Thank You

Thank you to the 29 couples, photography assistants and second photographers, and all of the vendors who helped create so much beauty this year. Delivering over 28,000 photos, it’s impossible to go through and pick favorites. The images below are just a few moments from 2015 that I remember well.

Boston-Wedding-Photographer002 Fruitlands-Museum-Wedding-13 Boston-Wedding-Photographer004 Boston-Wedding-Photographer005 Boston-Wedding-Photographer006 Boston-Wedding-Photographer001Boston-Wedding-Photographer007 Boston-Wedding-Photographer008 Boston-Wedding-Photographer009 091115_026Boston-Wedding-Photographer010 Boston-Wedding-Photographer011 Boston-Wedding-Photographer012 Boston-Wedding-Photographer013 Boston-Wedding-Photographer014 Boston-Wedding-Photographer015 Boston-Wedding-Photographer016 Boston-Wedding-Photographer017 Boston-Wedding-Photographer018 Boston-Wedding-Photographer019 Boston-Wedding-Photographer020 Boston-Wedding-Photographer021 Boston-Wedding-Photographer022 Boston-Wedding-Photographer023 Boston-Wedding-Photographer024 Boston-Wedding-Photographer026 Boston-Wedding-Photographer027 Boston-Wedding-Photographer028 Boston-Wedding-Photographer029 Boston-Wedding-Photographer030 Boston-Wedding-Photographer031 Gibbet-Hill-23Boston-Wedding-Photographer032 Boston-Wedding-Photographer033 Boston WeddingsBoston-Wedding-Photographer034 Boston-Engagement-Photographers-1-2Boston-Wedding-Photographer035 Boston-Wedding-Photographer036 Boston-Wedding-Photographer037 Boston-Wedding-Photographer040 Boston-Wedding-Photographer041 Boston-Wedding-Photographer042 Boston-Wedding-Photographer043 Boston-Wedding-Photographer044 Boston-Wedding-Photographer045 Boston-Wedding-Photographer046 Boston-Wedding-Photographer047 Boston-Wedding-Photographer048 Boston-Wedding-Photographer049 Cape-Cod-Engagement-Photographer-5091815_pre006End Of The World023Boston-Wedding-Photographer050 Boston-Wedding-Photographer051 Boston-Wedding-Photographer052 Boston-Wedding-Photographer053 Boston-Wedding-Photographer054 Boston-Wedding-Photographer055 Boston-Wedding-Photographer056 Boston-Wedding-Photographer057 Boston-Wedding-Photographer058 Boston-Wedding-Photographer059 Boston-Wedding-Photographer060 Boston-Wedding-Photographer061 Boston-Wedding-Photographer062 Boston-Wedding-Photographer063 Boston-Wedding-Photographer064 Boston-Wedding-Photographer065 Rehearsal-Dinner-36Boston-Wedding-Photographer066 Boston-Wedding-Photographer067 Boston-Wedding-Photographer069 Boston-Wedding-Photographer070 Boston-Wedding-Photographer071 Boston-Wedding-Photographer072 Rehearsal Dinner069Boston-Wedding-Photographer073 Boston-Wedding-Photographer074 Boston-Wedding-Photographer076 Boston-Wedding-Photographer078 Boston-Wedding-Photographer079 Boston-Wedding-Photographer080 Boston-Wedding-Photographer081 Boston-Wedding-Photographer082 Boston-Wedding-Photographer083 Boston-Wedding-Photographer085 Boston-Wedding-Photographer086 Boston-Wedding-Photographer087 Boston-Wedding-Photographer088 Boston-Wedding-Photographer089



For some reason I was especially taken by the six groomsmen taken outdoors under a tree. Something with the persistent off-balance elements — the monotonically increasing height of the men, the slight tilt of the branch, even the left-to-right progression from awkward to confident to casual — makes the subjects almost float over the ground, like they were carefully posed and then pasted in. Totally surreal, yet you can read so much of their actual characters at the same time. Brilliant, love it!

Kuan the groom in that photo is a magician from Spain. So your reading of the image is quite appropriate!

Absolutely breathtaking images!! Wishing you another year of great success in 2016! – Brianna Dalton (family portrait photographer)

Love these beautiful photos- of course I’m partial to Gabrielle Faria-Kalkanis but the others are equally as beautiful Lisa

So beautiful Lisa! What a wonderful year. I could look at your photos all day. 🙂

Gorgeous work, Lisa! Here’s to an even more fabulous 2016 season!

Thanks for being such a big part of our day Lisa! Not only are you beyond talented, but you’re a joy to work with. We have these pictures forever. Thank you!

Julie O’Brien Bain- you and Nana are on here! ❤️

Absolutely Gorgeous Work! You have an incredible eye!! <3

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