Provincetown Wedding: Emily & Jillian

September 14, 2015

A few years ago I photographed an engagement session in Provincetown. We shot some portraits on a pier that supported a row of little green cottages. For some reason those cottages spoke to me. After our photo session I kept thinking about them. One night I even dreamed that I was staying in one. In my dream they appeared as they might have in the 1800’s. For months after that dream I kept thinking “Why am I obsessed with those green cottages? I’ve got to get back there.” But I couldn’t remember exactly where we were when we took those photos so I knew it would take some scouring of Provincetown’s West End to find them again.

Emily and Jillian contacted me last year about photographing their wedding. The reception would take place at Jillian’s mom’s house in Provincetown, which I learned was right next to the green cottages. Their reception dinner would take place on Jillian’s mom’s dock, which ran parallel to the other pier. Working with Emily and Jillian was one of those collaborations when you start to believe in kismet and that you’re on the path you’re meant to be on.

After getting ready at Jillian’s mom’s house, we headed over to the Provincetown monument for their ceremony. I love when couples plan a special journey on their wedding day — whether it’s by boat or some other not-your-everyday mode of transportation. As guests boarded the trolley back to Jillian’s mom’s house, Emily, Jillian, and I hopped into pedicabs and rode down Commercial Street. Cheered by onlookers, it was a wonderful post-ceremony celebratory ride. We ended our pedicab ride at a dock where Emily and Jillian popped a bottle of champagne. Finally, we hopped on a boat and were ferried to their reception where they were greeted by cheering family and friends on Jillian’s mom’s dock. Their moms then serenaded them with a duet which left only a few dry eyes.

The little green cottages make a few appearances is this blog post. Be sure to scroll down to the bottom to see a stop motion video of Emily and Jillian’s pedicab ride down Provincetown’s Commercial Street.

Emily and Jillian’s wedding was beautifully coordinated by Bernadette Smith of 14 Stories. Thanks also to Artistic Blossoms who provided the florals, including decorating their ceremony chuppah.

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Wedding at the Provincetown Monument, Provincetown, MA. Reception at the family home.

where was this wedding reception/dock?

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