Rosecliff Mansion Wedding, Newport

August 19, 2015

Click on the featured photo above to view a video of highlights from this Rosecliff wedding.

I recently photographed Andrea and Austin’s Rosecliff Mansion wedding in Newport, Rhode Island. Andrea and Austin traveled from their home in New York City, their ceremony took place at St. Joseph’s Church. They held their wedding reception at the venerable Rosecliff Mansion in Newport. You might remember Andrea and Austin from last summer, when I photographed their New York City engagement session. 

Rosecliff Mansion Wedding
Andrea & Austin’s Rosecliff Mansion wedding in Newport, Rhode Island

Rosecliff Mansion Wedding

Growing up not far from Newport, we used to tour the Newport mansions when I was a kid. We’d learn about the legendary families of the Gilded Age. People like the Vanderbilts and Astors would travel from New York City to summer in cooler homes by the sea. Whenever I visited these buildings, I thought about what it was like to live — and work — in one. I’ve always romanticized the workers toiling behind the scenes as much as I do the mansion’s aristocratic residents! I loved seeing the kitchens and back staircases. Viewing the empty ballrooms, I’d imagine what their grand summer parties looked like. Now I know! I hope the images below convey some feeling of what it is to be present at Rosecliff on a summer evening.

A few credits: Andrea and Austin’s Rosecliff wedding was coordinated by Jessica of the Savory Affair. Toni Chandler provided the florals and Russell Morin catered. Hair and makeup were provided by Jenny Kay Beauty. The New York based Eturnity Band Orchestra entertained guests all evening. Special thanks to my friend Li Ward of Fat Orange Cat Studio who served as second photographer.

Update: Andrea and Austin’s Rosecliff mansion wedding was featured in the 2016 issue of Southern New England Weddings Magazine.

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Stunning images – amazing wedding venue

Lisa – Amazing! What fantastic work.

A beautiful place! been there.

Holy wow is that venue amazing. Wonderfully captured as always!

I can’t look at these. It’s too much.

SO gorgeous!! One of my favorites of yours!!

I love the b x w Staircase shots with the Bride, so beautiful.

Everything about wedding was beautiful. Pictures show how beautiful

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