Provincetown Wedding: Tessa & Callum

August 12, 2015

Tessa and Callum were married at a private ceremony last year in Boston. Tessa told me that later on they were sitting on the deck of the Red Inn in Provincetown and thought “If we were to having a wedding with friends and family, this is what we’d want it to feel like.” Provincetown also had the familiar, laid-back vibe of Tessa’s hometown of Cape Town, South Africa.

And so, Tessa and Callum were married again a few weeks ago in Provincetown, Mass. We started with getting ready photo coverage at the Lands End Inn. Built in the late 1800’s, the Inn has sort of an Art Nouveau/global-influence interior. It was perfect for Tessa and Callum, since they are from South Africa and Wales, respectively. They had an intimate wedding with only 35 guests, and their families traveled from Europe and Africa attend.

Their ceremony took place at one of the coolest looking mid-century modern churches — the United Methodist Church in Provincetown. We headed back to the Lands End Inn after their ceremony for portraits, and then walked across Commercial Street to their reception at the Red Inn.  This is their wedding day photo story.

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Looking at these photos just made my day.

Oh I love this post! Full of so many sweet moments and dreamy, dreamy New England sights! What wonderful wedding photos!

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