Fruitlands Museum Wedding: Laura & Steve

August 28, 2015

As my assistant Sandy and I were scouting the property before Laura and Steve’s Fruitlands Museum wedding, a baby bunny hopped by. It stopped on the side of the path and looked at us for a few moments. “A baby bunny! This is a good omen for the day!” Yeah, I think like that.

Fruitlands Museum Wedding

Fruitlands is so beautiful and pastoral, I can see how bunnies would thrive there. It stands almost on a precipice from which you can see rolling hills in the distance. On Laura and Steve’s wedding day, I learned that Fruitlands has an interesting history. In the 1800’s it was the site of “an experimental utopian community” led by Louisa May Alcott’s father and his friend who was a fellow transcendentalist. Utopian communities and transcendentalism and baby bunnies…. good vibes abound at Fruitlands.

Fruitlands Museum Wedding
Laura & Steve’s Fruitlands Museum wedding.

Laura and Steve are Americans who make their home in Sweden. Because they were planning their wedding remotely, we didn’t meet until our engagement session earlier in the week of their wedding. Laura’s mom is also from Sweden but she’s local so she helped me with many of the event details and planning before the day.

Laura and Steve are very sweet, kind people who openly share their love for each other. While I love photographing beauty and nature, I also love photographing and visualizing the beauty of emotions — particularly when the emotions reflect the bonds between people. This was easy to do at Laura and Steve’s wedding.

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