Willowdale Estate Wedding: Sarah & Matt

July 21, 2015

This summer I worked with Sarah and Matt at their Willowdale Estate wedding. Sarah and Matt held their wedding ceremony at Our Lady Of The Assumption in Lynnfield, Mass and had their reception at Willowdale.

Sarah and Matt's Willowdale Estate wedding
Sarah and Matt’s Willowdale Estate wedding in Topsfield, Mass.

Willowdale Estate Wedding

I photographed Sarah and Matt twice before their wedding day. The first time was was last fall when Matt was a groomsman at Dave and Katie’s wedding. The following weekend I photographed Sarah as a bridesmaid at Abbie and Kris’ wedding in New Hampshire. We first meet in October 2013. So for me, their Willowdale Estate wedding was a long time coming and a day that I was really looking forward to. For them I know it was an even longer time coming — Sarah and Matt met and began dating when they were still teenagers, over ten years ago.

Here is Sarah and Matt’s wedding day story. Special thanks to my assistant and second photographer, Lili Boxer.

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