Four Seasons Hotel Wedding, Boston

July 7, 2015

Almost one year ago I met up with Julia and Aaron to photograph their engagement session in Boston. This June I photographed their Four Seasons Boston wedding. It’s always nice to work with couples before their wedding, and after all the fun we had at their engagement session, it was wonderful to see these two share their big day.

Julia and Aaron's Four Seasons Boston wedding.
Julia and Aaron’s Four Seasons Boston wedding.

Four Seasons Boston Wedding

Julia and Aaron’s wedding ceremony was held just across the street at the Arlington Street Church. I loved photographing at that church! So many times I’ve photographed the outside of the Arlington Street Church when I photograph on the edge of the Public Garden. But this was the first time I’ve photographed inside, and its interior was as beautiful as the exterior. With so much light and graceful architecture, it provided a picture perfect backdrop for their vows.

Julia and Aaron really went all-out with transforming their reception space. A Boston tradition, Winston Flowers were on hand and transformed the Four Seasons ballroom with one of the most lavish and elegant displays of flowers. Their wedding was beautifully coordinated by the Four Seasons Philip Deschamps. Special thanks to Vince Schaefer who served as second photographer.

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