Belle Mer Wedding, Newport

July 9, 2015

A few weeks ago I photographed Ali and AJ’s Belle Mer wedding in Newport. Like many couples I work with, Ali was planning her wedding from New York and so we only met when she came to Boston shortly before her wedding. Little did I realize that Ali grew up in New Bedford! This is a big deal to me, since I’m originally from Fall River. Aka “the Reeve” aka “Fall Rivaah.” Twin cities! Rivals! Friends! Most of my clients are from Boston or New York or farther away, so it was fun to photograph a wedding with some almost hometown people in my new hometown state of Rhode Island.

While I base my business in Boston, I moved down to Providence, Rhode Island a few years ago. It’s about an hour south of Boston, is on the commuter rail, and is directly between Boston and Newport. It’s also the place where I lived before moving to Boston and not far from where I grew up in Fall River. Now I can easily travel to weddings in either Boston or Newport. I’m also a little closer to New York City and have photographed some fun portrait sessions there with my Boston and Newport wedding couples.

Belle Mer Wedding

I first photographed at Belle Mer about five years ago, and it has become one of my favorite wedding venues in Rhode Island. It’s all there — the waterfront, interiors with incredible natural light, a scenic view of Mount Hope Bridge, and flawless coordination by Longwood Events. I love returning to a venue where I’ve photographed before — I see it differently each time.

Belle Mer Wedding
Ali & AJ’s Belle Mer wedding in Newport, Rhode Island

Ali and AJ did not see each other before their wedding ceremony. Instead, they extended their cocktail hour so that they could complete portraits and still have time to enjoy their cocktail hour. It was the perfect time of day for wedding portraits — just as the sun was getting low in the sky.

The outstanding florals at Ali and AJ’s Belle Mer wedding were designed by Rhode Island florist Flowers By Semia. Cocktail hour sushi station by Haruki of Providence.

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