Rehearsal Dinner On the Charles River

June 29, 2015

I recently photographed Liz and Andrew’s rehearsal dinner on the Charles River in Boston. We started with a dockside wedding rehearsal, and followed with a sunset dinner and cruise on the Charles.

Rehearsal-Dinner-1 Rehearsal-Dinner-2 Rehearsal-Dinner-3 Rehearsal-Dinner-4 Rehearsal-Dinner-7 Rehearsal-Dinner-8 Rehearsal-Dinner-9 Rehearsal-Dinner-10 Rehearsal-Dinner-11 Rehearsal-Dinner-12 Rehearsal-Dinner-13 Rehearsal-Dinner-14 Rehearsal-Dinner-15 Rehearsal-Dinner-16 Rehearsal-Dinner-17 Rehearsal-Dinner-19 Rehearsal-Dinner-20 Rehearsal-Dinner-21 Rehearsal-Dinner-22 Rehearsal-Dinner-23 Rehearsal-Dinner-24 Rehearsal-Dinner-25 Rehearsal-Dinner-27 Rehearsal-Dinner-28 Rehearsal-Dinner-29 Rehearsal-Dinner-30 Rehearsal-Dinner-31 Rehearsal-Dinner-32 Rehearsal-Dinner-34 Rehearsal-Dinner-35 Rehearsal-Dinner-36


I love this set. What a cool gig!

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