Barn At Gibbet Hill Wedding: Sarah & Brendan

June 4, 2015

Sarah and Brendan were married in May at the Barn at Gibbet Hill in Groton, Mass.  It seems weird to think that I’ve been photographing weddings around Boston for seven years, and had never before photographed at Gibbet Hill. I love it! Cows and calves grazed on the rolling green grass behind the ceremony. It was such a fun and happy place for a wedding.

Sarah & Brendan's Barn At Gibbet Hill wedding.
Sarah & Brendan’s Barn At Gibbet Hill wedding.

Barn At Gibbet Hill Wedding

Sarah and her bridesmaids got ready at Sarah’s parents’ house in nearby Concord, while Brendan got ready with his groomsmen at the Colonial Inn in Concord. Special thanks to second photographer Kelly Lorenz who photographed this wedding with me. And always special thanks to my super assistant Sandy MacDonald!

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