Artists For Humanity Wedding: Carolyn & Delineau

May 26, 2015

As I was selecting photos for Carolyn and Delineau’s blog post, I thought about how I would rather photograph what naturally happened rather than whatever we could contrive or stage. I never want my photographs to be a collection of images that we’ve all seen somewhere before: a pair of shoes, a bride being dipped, or a dress hanging. Granted, I took many of these photos when I was starting out, and still do if it’s an image that will really work. But who came up with these notions? Somewhere along the line a photographer took a beautiful photo of wedding dress hanging, and everyone liked it so much that it became a go-to shot for everyone else. Wedding photographs shouldn’t be constrained by or about our experiences with images that we’ve already seen a million times. Because when I deliver photos, it’s usually the unscripted images that move couples to happy tears or make them laugh. The moments that they could not have foreseen or perhaps did not notice are often their most treasured images.

Rather than shooting from a list of whatever we think wedding photography is supposed to be, photographers must find the beauty, tension, or poetry that others may not have noticed. For photographers, the art of being *present* is a skill that’s more difficult to attain than the technical competence of camera operations. And that’s what separates a photographer from being just a person with a camera. A photographer is someone who has learned to use their technical skills while being truly connected, aware, and present.  They have to forget their own agenda enough that they can empathize with and truly see others. At their best, a photographer’s eyes, heart, mind, and shutter finger are all in synch.

After I’ve said all that, Carolyn and Delineau’s blog post better be goooood! Well, I don’t say these things because I feel like I’ve reached the peak. I just like to share where I’m coming from and what I’m trying to achieve with this set of photos that I love so much.

Carolyn and Delineau were recently married at the Mission Hill Church. They had their reception at Artists For Humanity in Boston and it was beautiful. Here are some of my favorite photographs from their wedding day.

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Your photos are truly art and emotion tied together! You make me feel like I’m in the moment at the wedding. You are such an artist! <3

Wonderful words and beautiful photos!

Beautifully put + beautifully captured!

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