Winter Wedding in Falmouth, Cape Cod

February 16, 2015

2015 has been the year of winter weddings. I admit the weather can be uncertain, but there’s an intimacy, elegance, and quaintness during winter in New England. Despite cold temperatures, there’s a warmth about the low angle of the sun and short days, glowing string lights, and candles. All of these qualities lend themselves beautifully to a wedding, and I’m so happy to be documenting several beautiful winter weddings this season.

Gabrielle and Tom were married in Falmouth this January. With just 60 guests, their wedding included a ceremony at Falmouth Museums On The Green and their reception was held at the intimate Osteria La Civetta restaurant. As usual, it was wonderful to work with Boston-based makeup artist Dani Wagener, who did Gabrielle’s makeup. Hair by Erin at ArtWorx Hair Design in Sandwich. Gabrielle’s stunning “Penelope” dress was from Love Marley through BHLDN.

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…Lisa! You crazy lady, this is such a lovely post! I don’t know how you do it EVERY TIME but that last shot?! Ridiculous. I love it.

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