Four Seasons Boston Winter Wedding

January 30, 2015

Laura and Jef recently had their winter wedding at St. Cecilia’s Church and the Four Seasons Hotel in Boston. We started the day with one of my favorite wedding traditions – a tea ceremony. Tea ceremonies are wonderful events to photograph, since I can move around and get close to people. Except in certain circumstances (such as church ceremonies) I am generally not a “long lens” kind of photographer who stands 30 feet away or hides behind a tree. Whenever possible and appropriate, I like to move among people. I feel that closeness and interaction will be conveyed in the photographs. I want people who view these photos to know not only “this is what it looked like” but also “this is what it felt like.” Laura and Jef’s tea ceremony was special for many reasons, including that it was the first time they saw each other that day, and also because they served tea that had belonged to Jef’s grandfather who had passed.

After close family exchanged blessings and gifts and tea, Laura and Jef’s wedding ceremony followed at St. Cecilia’s Church. It was cold and we were racing with the sunset, but after their church ceremony we managed to take a few portraits in the Boston Public Garden. Cocktails and a reception followed at the Four Seasons.

A few notes about their wedding – Dani Wagener was Laura’s makeup artist and Night Shift were the house band. Special thanks to Philip Deschamps, who so beautifully coordinated all of Laura and Jef’s wedding events the Four Seasons Boston Hotel.

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I love how you capture the tea ceremony!!!

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