Ritz Carlton Boston Wedding

November 25, 2014

I recently worked with Marissa and Alex at their Ritz Carlton Boston wedding. Their wedding at the end of October marked the official end of my wedding season, although I still have more weddings to photograph before the year’s end (and a few more to blog).

There was so much happiness and love at their wedding… I’ll let the photos speak for themselves. I couldn’t think of a nicer way to end the wedding season.

Ritz Carlton Boston wedding ceremony
Marissa & Alex’s Ritz Carlton Boston wedding.

Ritz Carlton Boston Wedding

Marissa and Alex had a great team of vendors who helped make their wedding day possible. Their wedding was coordinated by Francie of 42 North Weddings. Marissa had the “dream team” of Dani Wagener for makeup and Lindsay Griffin, hair. Spruce Floral provided the elegant flower arrangements for this sophisticated city wedding, and Table Toppers and Peterson Party Center provided additional decor. District 21 from Night Shift Entertainment¬†were the house band.

Ritz-Carlton-Wedding-1 Ritz-Carlton-Wedding-6 Ritz-Carlton-Wedding-11 Ritz-Carlton-Wedding-12 Ritz-Carlton-Wedding-13 Ritz-Carlton-Wedding-15 Ritz-Carlton-Wedding-16 Ritz-Carlton-Wedding-17 Ritz-Carlton-Wedding-18 Ritz-Carlton-Wedding-7 Ritz-Carlton-Wedding-8 Ritz-Carlton-Wedding-9Ritz-Carlton-Wedding-19 Ritz-Carlton-Wedding-20 Ritz-Carlton-Wedding-21 Ritz-Carlton-Wedding-95 Ritz-Carlton-Wedding-24 Ritz-Carlton-Wedding-25 Ritz-Carlton-Wedding-28 Ritz-Carlton-Wedding-29 Ritz-Carlton-Wedding-91Ritz-Carlton-Wedding-33 Ritz-Carlton-Wedding-34 Ritz-Carlton-Wedding-35 Ritz-Carlton-Wedding-36 Ritz-Carlton-Wedding-37 Ritz-Carlton-Wedding-38 Ritz-Carlton-Wedding-39 Ritz-Carlton-Wedding-40 Ritz-Carlton-Wedding-41 Ritz-Carlton-Wedding-42 Ritz-Carlton-Wedding-44Ritz-Carlton-Wedding-43 Ritz-Carlton-Wedding-47 Ritz-Carlton-Wedding-48 Ritz-Carlton-Wedding-49 Ritz-Carlton-Wedding-92 Ritz-Carlton-Wedding-53 Ritz-Carlton-Wedding-54 Ritz-Carlton-Wedding-55 Ritz-Carlton-Wedding-56 Ritz-Carlton-Wedding-58 Ritz-Carlton-Wedding-59 Ritz-Carlton-Wedding-57Ritz-Carlton-Wedding-60 Ritz-Carlton-Wedding-62 Ritz-Carlton-Wedding-63 Ritz-Carlton-Wedding-64 Ritz-Carlton-Wedding-65 Ritz-Carlton-Wedding-66 Ritz-Carlton-Wedding-67 Ritz-Carlton-Wedding-68 Ritz-Carlton-Wedding-69 Ritz-Carlton-Wedding-70 Ritz-Carlton-Wedding-93 Ritz-Carlton-Wedding-73 Ritz-Carlton-Wedding-74 Ritz-Carlton-Wedding-76 Ritz-Carlton-Wedding-77 Ritz-Carlton-Wedding-79 Ritz-Carlton-Wedding-80 Ritz-Carlton-Wedding-81 Ritz-Carlton-Wedding-94Ritz-Carlton-Wedding-83 Ritz-Carlton-Wedding-84 Ritz-Carlton-Wedding-78Ritz-Carlton-Wedding-85 Ritz-Carlton-Wedding-86 Ritz-Carlton-Wedding-87 Ritz-Carlton-Wedding-88 Ritz-Carlton-Wedding-89


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