Wolfeboro Inn Wedding, New Hampshire

October 28, 2014

This fall I worked with Abbie and Kris at the Wolfeboro Inn wedding in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire. Their ceremony took place at the All Saints Episcopal Church and their reception was held just down the road at the Wolfeboro Inn.

Abbie & Chris's Wolfeboro Inn wedding
Abbie & Chris’s Wolfeboro Inn wedding in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire

Wolfeboro Inn Wedding

At the beginning of the reception a guest came up to me and said “I don’t think you’re ready for this dancing, cause we’re gonna be the craziest dancers you’ve ever seen.” I thought “Uh… yeah, right.” I photograph weddings every weekend and I’ve seen some pretty cool dance parties. However…. I have to hand it to these people! I give each wedding couple an award (in my head) for “best” this and that. Abbie and Kris win for the best dance party I’ve photographed this season, and possibly ever.

Although the day was overcast and then raining, we took time for outdoor portraits at Wolfeboro’s public docks. And despite the gray skies, Abbie and Kris had one of the most joyful wedding days. This is their wedding photo story. Special thanks to Cole Stipovich (Cole & Kiera Photography) who served as my work buddy and second photographer.  100414_blog-1-4100414_blog-6 100414_blog-8 100414_blog-10 100414_blog-1-2100414_blog-16 100414_blog-17 100414_blog-18 100414_blog-20 100414_blog-21 100414_blog-22 100414_blog-25 100414_blog-26 100414_blog-27 100414_blog-30 100414_blog-31 100414_blog-32 100414_blog-33 100414_blog-34 100414_blog-35 100414_blog-37 100414_blog-38 100414_blog-39 100414_blog-41 100414_blog-43 100414_blog-44 100414_blog-45 100414_blog-46 100414_blog-47 100414_blog-48 100414_blog-50 100414_blog-51 100414_blog-52 100414_blog-54 100414_blog-55 100414_blog-56 100414_blog-58 100414_blog-59 100414_blog-61 100414_blog-62 100414_blog-63 100414_blog-64 100414_blog-67 100414_blog-68 100414_blog-69 100414_blog-75 100414_blog-77 100414_blog-78 100414_blog-80 100414_blog-70 100414_blog-71 100414_blog-73 100414_blog-74100414_blog-81 100414_blog-82 100414_blog-83 100414_blog-84 100414_blog-85 100414_blog-86 100414_blog-87 100414_blog-88 100414_blog-90 100414_blog-91 100414_blog-95 100414_blog-96 100414_blog-97 100414_blog-98 100414_blog-99 100414_blog-100 100414_blog-101 100414_blog-102 100414_blog-103

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