Fairmont Copley Hotel Wedding, Boston

October 15, 2014

The Fairmont Copley Hotel in Boston is one of those “Old Boston” hotels with a classic, old-world feel that I love. It is one of my favorite hotels for photographing weddings. Any hotel that has mascot Labrador Retriever dogs greeting guests in the lobby is ok by me. And the staff! So, so friendly.

Megan and Aaron were recently married at Boston’s historic Old South Church and held their wedding reception at the Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel. This is their wedding day photo story.
Fairmont-Copley-1 Fairmont-Copley-2 Fairmont-Copley-4 Fairmont-Copley-8 Fairmont-Copley-10 Fairmont-Copley-7Fairmont-Copley-11 Fairmont-Copley-14Fairmont-Copley-12 Fairmont-Copley-18 Fairmont-Copley-5 Fairmont-Copley-6Fairmont-Copley-21 Fairmont-Copley-22 Fairmont-Copley-23 Fairmont-Copley-24 Fairmont-Copley-25 Fairmont-Copley-27 Fairmont-Copley-28 Fairmont-Copley-29 Fairmont-Copley-30 Fairmont-Copley-31 Fairmont-Copley-32 Fairmont-Copley-33 Fairmont-Copley-34 Fairmont-Copley-35 Fairmont-Copley-36 Fairmont-Copley-37 Fairmont-Copley-38 Fairmont-Copley-39 Fairmont-Copley-40 Fairmont-Copley-41 Fairmont-Copley-42 Fairmont-Copley-43 Fairmont-Copley-44 Fairmont-Copley-45 Fairmont-Copley-47 Fairmont-Copley-46Fairmont-Copley-50 Fairmont-Copley-52 Fairmont-Copley-54 Fairmont-Copley-55 Fairmont-Copley-56 Fairmont-Copley-57 Fairmont-Copley-60 Fairmont-Copley-64


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