Fort Adams Wedding, Newport, Rhode Island

September 19, 2014

Meghan and Tyler’s Fort Adams wedding recently took place in Newport, Rhode Island. After getting ready at the Adele Turner Inn, they walked to Newport’s docks, where we hopped on a boat and headed over to their wedding at Fort Adams. Their ceremony took place in one of Fort Adams casements, which has to be one of the coolest ceremony locations I’ve ever photographed.

Fort Adams Wedding in Newport
Meghan & Tyler’s Fort Adams wedding in Newport, Rhode Island

Fort Adams Wedding, Newport

Although they live in Brooklyn, Meghan and Tyler are both from Rhode Island, and so there were lots of Rhode Island details at their wedding, including a Del’s Lemonade stand.  While my business is still based in Boston, I love photographing in the state that I now call home. Special thanks to Jamie Nelson of Eventfully Planned who coordinated their day so beautifully.

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Fort Adams is such a hidden gem!! Loved your images from this celebration, Lisa.. So beautiful and effortless. The wedding was so charmingly conceived, too. Pretty, Pretty, Pretty!

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