Pierce House Wedding: Cathy & Spencer

August 15, 2014

Cathy and Spencer were recently married at the Pierce House in Lincoln, Mass. This is their wedding day photo story.

Pierce House026 Pierce House027Pierce House001 Pierce House002 Pierce House003 Pierce House004 Pierce House006 Pierce House007 Pierce House008 Pierce House009 Pierce House010 Pierce House015 Pierce House012 Pierce House016 Pierce House022Pierce House020 Pierce House021 Pierce House028 Pierce House030 Pierce House032 Pierce House036 ceremony071214_print545aPierce House037 Pierce House038 Pierce House040 Pierce House041 Pierce House044 Pierce House046 Pierce House050 Pierce House053 Pierce House054 Pierce House055 Pierce House056 Pierce House057 Pierce House059 Pierce House060 Pierce House063 Pierce House064 Pierce House065 Pierce House068 Pierce House070 Pierce House074 Pierce House075 Pierce House076 Pierce House077 Pierce House078 Pierce House079 Pierce House080 Pierce House081 Pierce House082 Pierce House083 Pierce House084 Pierce House085 Pierce House089 Pierce House090 Pierce House091 Pierce House092 Pierce House093 Pierce House094 Pierce House095 071214-yPierce House086aPierce House096 Pierce House097 Pierce House098 Pierce House099 Pierce House100


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