Boston Harbor Hotel & Menton: Jenna & Ron

August 18, 2014

Jenna and Ron were recently married at the Boston Harbor Hotel Pavillion and had their reception at Menton. They were one of the most fun and funny couples I’ve worked with this season. I look at these photos and can’t help cracking up at their expressions during the cake cutting, their laughter and tears at their ceremony, and how they recessed down the aisle together to Hall & Oates. I like to give awards (in my head) to each couple for “best” this and that, and Jenna and Ron win for “best laughing” at a wedding this year.

Scroll down for vendor credits at the end of this post.menton-boston004 menton-boston001a menton-boston009 menton-boston011menton-boston006 menton-boston007 menton-boston012 menton-boston014 glasses001menton-boston016 menton-boston017 menton-boston018 menton-boston019 menton-boston020 menton-boston021 menton-boston022 menton-boston023 menton-boston024 menton-boston025 menton-boston026 menton-boston028menton-boston027 menton-boston029 menton-boston030 menton-boston032 menton-boston033 menton-boston034 menton-boston036 menton-boston037 menton-boston038 menton-boston039 menton-boston040 menton-boston041 menton-boston042 menton-boston043 menton-boston044 menton-boston046 menton-boston047 menton-boston048 menton-boston049 menton-boston050 menton-boston051 menton-boston052 menton-boston053 menton-boston054 menton-boston056 menton-boston057 menton-boston058 menton-boston060 menton-boston061 menton-boston062 menton-boston072menton-boston063 menton-boston064 menton-boston066 menton-boston068 menton-boston070 menton-boston071 menton-boston073 menton-boston074 menton-boston075 menton-boston076 menton-boston077 menton-boston078 menton-boston079 menton-boston081 menton-boston082 menton-boston083 menton-boston084 menton-boston085

Jenna found her Yolan Cris dress at Musette Bridal Boutique in Boston. Makeup by Kerri Herlihy and wedding day coordination by Katherine Ada Events. Ceremony flowers, bouquets, and boutonnieres by Nature’s Design in Charlestown. Reception flowers by Hiroko at Hanaya Floral and DJ’ing by Greg at Beat Train Productions. Videography by Whit Wales.

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