Acoaxet Chapel Wedding, Westport

August 10, 2014

I recently photographed Leila and Mike’s Acoaxet Chapel wedding in Westport, Mass. After their ceremony at the Acoaxet Chapel, guests headed over to Mike’s parents’ house on the Westport River. It is always wonderful to be back in the beautiful Southcoast of Massachusetts. I used to live in the adjacent town of Little Compton and I grew up in Fall River. I feel like the Southcoast region is one of the state’s best kept secrets. People from Boston come on down! No, I mean…. don’t come down. Stay up in Boston. Yeah. Hee hee.

Acoaxet Chapel wedding in Westport, Mass.
An Acoaxet Chapel and backyard wedding in Westport, Mass.

Acoaxet Chapel Wedding

I knew this wedding would lend itself well to film so I asked my friend Sarah Der to come along. Sarah photographed all film, and mostly medium format. This post is a mix of our digital and film photographs. Thanks to VSCO I was able to match her film stock quite well, if I do say so! I’m also excited about these images because this wedding marked the debut of my new favorite camera, the Fuji X-T1. I now use this camera alongside my Canon 5D Mk ii & Mk iii.

Some credits: Thanks to Ginny d’Arbeloff of A Perfect Setting, who coordinated the day so well. Russell Morin Catering’s food looked as wonderful as it tasted. Yeah, we tasted. Good food and good cameras…. is all. I. Need.

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