Martha’s Vineyard Wedding, Flat Point Farm: Elizabeth & David

July 13, 2014

I recently photographed Elizabeth and David’s rehearsal dinner and wedding on Martha’s Vineyard. I love photographing weddings on Martha’s Vineyard — it’s a super laid-back and relaxing place. I love the ferry ride and driving around the island and eating quahog chowder at Aquinnah. Yes, I’m working but it is just a special place to be, and I usually take some time for myself — even if it’s just a few hours — to see some sights and just hang out. I can’t wait to go back this Fall to photograph a wedding in Edgartown! For now…. Elizabeth and David’s wedding at Flat Point Farm on Martha’s Vineyard. I’ll also post their rehearsal dinner later this week — photographing EIGHT rehearsal dinners this season!

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