Boston Public Library Wedding

September 17, 2013

“What happens if you’re sick and not able to photograph our wedding day?” It’s a question that clients often ask. For so long I’ve prided myself on being able to respond “In 150+ weddings I’ve never missed one. It’s not a job you can call in sick to. But I have friends who are photographers and I can ask them to fill in — if it ever comes to that.”

A few weeks ago, it came to that. I sprained my ankle by stepping in a hole while photographing a wedding. By Tuesday I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to walk, climb stairs, and carry cameras at the following weekend’s wedding. With my ankle in a splint propped on my desk, I emailed my friend Channing Johnson. I sometimes hop over to Channing’s blog and look at his most recent work and think “I give up! That’s it I quit.” Cause he’s that good. Thankfully and miraculously, he was able to step in as the lead photographer for this wedding. I hobbled around and took a few portraits and some detail shots. But these are mostly his photos, processed and curated by me. The photos are about Meghan and Neil’s wedding at the Boston Public Library. And this is their wedding day story.

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