Moraine Farm Wedding: Breanna & Steve

July 7, 2013

Moraine Farm Wedding

I photographed Breanna  and Steve’s wedding this June when they were married at Moraine Farm. As with most of the couples I’m working with this season, we photographed their portraits before the ceremony. These pre-ceremony portraits are what some people in the wedding world call a “first look.”

As a photographer, I really like working this way. We can put as much time on the schedule as we need to get classic and creative portraits, which usually ends up being about 30-40 minutes. The couple isn’t thinking about the cocktail hour that they’re missing, and there are no guests peeking at them from behind trees. This is the couple’s private time together before their ceremony, and it’s often the closest that they’ll come to on their wedding day of being alone. As you can see from Breanna and Steve, the couple still has that emotional moment as they’re walking down the aisle and seeing each other at their  wedding ceremony.

There’s something peaceful about spending quiet time taking portraits and surrounded by nature. My favorite wedding and photography environments always incorporate elements of nature — whether it’s a few trees and patch of grass in a small green space in Boston, or the fields, woods and gardens of places like Moraine Farm. 


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