Sarah & Luke: Roger Williams Botanical Garden Wedding, Providence, RI

June 28, 2012

My first post as a reborn Rhode Islander is Sarah and Luke’s Roger Williams Botanical Garden wedding. Last Summer I finally came home from Boston. I moved back to Rhode Island, that state where I had lived for eight years. I grew up in Fall River, and Providence was the place we’d go as kids when we were trying to be grown-up. I spent so many teenage hours scouting record stores on Thayer St., watching movies at the Avon and Cable Car, seeing bands at Club Babyhead, eating pizza at Fellini’s, and taking classes at RISD. After college, I went back to school at Brown for a brief stint studying Art History. And then I worked for several years in downtown Providence, and eventually had an apartment on the East Side.

Roger Williams Botanical Garden wedding in Providence, Rhode Island
Sarah and Luke’s Roger Williams Botanical Garden wedding in Providence, Rhode Island

Roger Williams Botanical Garden Wedding

I moved to Boston in 2006. It was a bigger city with promises of more excitement and opportunities. Of course, there was a guy there too. But visiting Providence I realized that as silly as it may sound, I love Rhode Island. Ok the drivers are awful. But they’re rarely mean. People will hold doors, offer for you to go ahead of them in the grocery line, and occasionally even smile and say hello when you pass them on the street. The local restaurants are to die for. If you consider yourself an artsy person, be prepared to fall in love with Providence, home to (and occasionally overrun by) RISD. The local television ads are hokey and hysterical. And as far as bang for your buck, compared to Boston prices you’ll think you’re living like a king in Providence.

So this past August I moved back to Providence with my Boston-guy  in tow. “Why don’t more people move down here?!” he says. I told him we need to keep Providence our little secret. But I’m sharing my secret with you… as I share my first Rhode Island wedding as a reborn Rhode Islander: Sarah and Luke’s wedding at the Roger Williams Botanical Garden.

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