Wedding Couples Revisited: Norah & Chris


            Their kiss under an umbrella remains one of my favorite wedding portraits ever. Since their 2010 wedding I’ve shown their photos so often that they were once stopped by a stranger in a restaurant and asked if they were “that wedding couple.”

            Sometimes a photo becomes so iconic that you have to remind yourself that these are real people whose lives go way beyond that moment and that day. I pick up old wedding and family photos at flea markets, and I love to wonder  and imagine the peoples lives. I do the same thing at estate sales – going through the places where people once had their lives, seeing their books and records and furniture, and I think about who they are or were. I guess it is one of the questions that I’m always asking, and a good part of why I love documenting peoples lives with photographs. My camera is a passport to know people. In return, I hope that the photos bring them some joy.

            So what ever happened with the couple who kissed under an umbrella? I recently visited with them at their Cambridgeport apartment. They showed me souvenirs from their honeymoon in Peru and talked about an upcoming vacation in Morocco. Norah showed me artwork from the gallery she manages, and the website where she curates $1k art. And who knows, we may see Norah and Chris again soon. I’m photographing their friends’ wedding this Summer in Providence.

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            April 5, 2012